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Fresh Gear Equipment Sanitizer

Fresh Gear Sanitizing Machine

Get the Smell out of Hockey Equipment

  • Only ozone machine that DRIES AND SANITIZES simultaneously.
  • Built-in ozone generator provides consistent ozone levels, even with damp gear.
  • LCD touch screen controls ozone treatment times (20 to 60 minutes) and displays ozone machine usage data on demand.
  • Password authentication enables authorization codes for machine operation.
  • Patented ozone technology enables optimum ozone levels and highest bacteria kill rate.
  • Self Contained: No installation required. No chemicals to mix. No tanks to fill or empty. No venting or drainage.
  • The same ozone machine used by NHL, OHL, NCAA teams and Hockey Canada.
Safety Features
  • Safety Approval: Meets CSA Standard SPE-1000-09 for electrical products.
  • Robust PLC: Controls ozone generation, distribution, destruction and monitors door. No flimsy circuit boards here.
  • Advanced Ozone Regulation Technology: Ensures that ozone has reverted back to oxygen before the doors can be opened by the operator. Meets OSHA and Ministry of Labour requirements.
  • Electronic door lock: Door automatically locks during ozone generating operation. Unit won't operate without door sealed.
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet: Leaves no room for ozone leakage or corrosion.
  • Ozone-resistant Door Seal: EPDM seals around a single-sheet solid steel door.



Fresh Gear Pricing

Standard Full Sets

Hockey (standard) - $30.00

Hockey (goalie) - $35.00

Football - $30.00

LaCrosse - $30.00

Other Sports by Quote
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